Emergency Notifications Through Code Maroon

Timely warnings of emergency conditions are essential to preserve the safety and security of the university community and critical to an effective response and recovery.

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Further Communications About Emergencies

The Division of Marketing and Communications will be responsible for the communication efforts that relate to the incident. As such, they will coordinate communication efforts with other university units and/or government agencies. Marketing and Communications will disseminate press releases, respond to media inquiries and maintain/update the main university website.

Where to find updates

Marketing and Communications has primary responsibility for communication efforts during an emergency; however, the University Police Department Public Information Officer (PIO) or the local Emergency PIO Group may provide additional support.

They will work closely with emergency management and response officials to ensure that information being released to the campus community and media is accurate and timely.

More information about communications planning in a crisis can be found in Texas A&M University's Emergency Operations Plan.