Colleges and Schools

Student in the Agronomy Society cutting down corn for a corn maze.

Our research improves connections among people, agriculture, food, science and economies, and is vital to our land-grant mission. Our college and four state agencies comprise the nation’s largest comprehensive agriculture and life sciences program, Texas A&M AgriLife.

A faculty member inspects a potted plant that is part of an exterior wall made of potted plant containers

We are a hub for critical research in fields that impact the built, natural and virtual environments. Our research portfolio includes projects from our academic departments, research centers and institutes, and collaborations with colleagues here and worldwide.

Researcher in a lab coat and protective eye glasses filling a syringe with a red liquid.

As the home of pure discovery and basic knowledge creation, we are the foundation upon which the Texas A&M research enterprise rests. From the lab to the library to the dig, ship and field site, we are shaping and redefining our understanding of the natural and social worlds.

Students work on assignments and collaborate in the study spaces of the Wehner building on Texas A&M's west campus

We educate nearly 6,300 students in accounting, finance, information systems and operations management, management and marketing. We consistently rank among the top public business schools in the country for our programs of study and research.

Two Texas A&M dentistry students inspecting a model of the human mouth.

Ranked among the top 50 schools in research funding, School of Dentistry researchers are focused on biomedical and clinical research, sparking breakthroughs that will ultimately improve lives.

A Texas A&M Student helps teach a child about having a career in veterinary medicine

We transform lives at every stage with research in areas including early childhood development, special education, aging and cancer. We explore the mechanics of learning and human movement while addressing challenges impacting communities across Texas and the nation.

Texas A&M student conducting research on industrial equipment.

Our innovative researchers collaborate with our three engineering state agencies and many external partners to advance groundbreaking academic research to the marketplace. We push boundaries while ensuring safety, driving productivity and impacting society.

Student demonstrating the adminstration of an e-tattoo on a student's wrist.

The Engineering Medicine program is transforming health care by combining engineering and medicine. We are training physicianeers (physicians and engineers) to research and invent new technologies and rapidly move these innovative ideas to practice in patient care.

Mark Welsh and Frank Ashley give a presentation to Bush School Graduate Students

Researchers focus on generating ideas to help solve challenging public policy issues. Our scholars can affect policy decisions and are respected for their integrity, clarity of thought and articulate expression of their ideas.

Texas A&M Law School students get sworn in

As our diverse faculty teach and train the next generation of legal professionals, they also research and publish in top legal and academic journals, present at conferences and symposia globally, and advise legislation and policy at the local, state and federal levels.

Texas A&M Medicine professor stands in front of equipment that will be utilized in practice

Research in the School of Medicine aims to improve human life. Our researchers are constantly expanding their knowledge of how cells, tissues and organisms function with the ultimate goal of finding new strategies to treat, alleviate and prevent human diseases.

Texas A&M nursing student preparing a vaccine shot.

Our nurse scientists are developing innovations to enhance the education and preparation of nurses, improving the delivery of patient care for all and translating evidence-based research into practice.

Student sitting in the immersive igloo cylinder with a 360-degree screen.

Research in creative works is fundamental to innovations in human expression. Our institutes and labs are led by thought leaders who imagine, create and grow knowledge where design, performance and technology intersect.

Students in Texas A&M health college programs dressed in scrubs reading a clipboard.

We explore health care issues related to targeted drug delivery, pharmaceutical interactions and dosing. Our research areas include cancer, diabetes, drug delivery systems and formulations, manufacturing sciences and 3D printing.

Malea Murphy using a onfocal microscope at the Olympus Discovery Center at Texas A&M Health Science Center.

In our first 25 years, we've become the nation's fourth-largest school of public health — and we’re still growing. We’re also one of the best, especially in assessing and improving the health of large-scale populations that are rural, older or affected by natural and other disasters.

Veterinary Medicine students perform check ups on two puppies during one of their research sessions

Our researchers turn basic science into novel discoveries that set the course for improving animal and human health. Our clinical and biomedical research uncovers the unknown, questions preconceived notions and develops life-changing solutions.

Branch Campuses

Two students sifting material into a bucket on a boat.

Our ocean-facing branch campus excels in marine and maritime research in science, engineering, business and policy, with centers and institutes dedicated to a sustainable future and the blue economy.

Texas A&M at Qatar leads in applied and fundamental research that is strategically diverse, allowing for practical, real-world applications and maximum impact. Our research program is known for its dedication to finding solutions with local, regional and global importance.