Aggie Code of Honor

Our students live by an honor code of honesty and integrity. The Aggie Code of Honor is "An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do."

The Texas A&M Aggie Honor System Office serves to:

  • Educate students, faculty and staff about the Aggie Code of Honor.
  • Respond to potential academic misconduct by Texas A&M students.
  • Help remediation efforts for students responsible for Aggie Code of Honor violations.
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Core Values

Our core values unify our current and former students, faculty and staff. They are guideposts we live by and show in our words and deeds. We are a community of problem-solvers, scholars and creators with a service mission.


We believe people matter. We value and treat ourselves and others with care, compassion, dignity, civility and fairness. We appreciate, learn from and create a welcoming and inclusive environment that values uniqueness, diversity and a sense of community.


We are dedicated to excel in what we do and say we will do, and we continually strive to improve. We are passionate about delivering results and achieving desired outcomes, impact and value that exceeds expectations – of our own and of others.


We set the example. We embody our values. We are courageous and forward thinking, embracing change and propelling ourselves and the University. We unify, inspire and empower each other.


We are dedicated to a greater purpose. We trust, respect and support each other. We are stronger and better together because of our shared support of the University.


We are trustworthy and honest with ourselves and others. We honor and follow through on commitments and expectations, holding ourselves and others accountable for our actions, behaviors and outcomes. We operate with the highest ethical standards in all we do.

Selfless Service

We are part of a global community and purpose that is bigger than ourselves. We work with and help others to have a positive impact; and, we do so without expectation of recognition or reward.


Texas A&M opened as a land-grant institution in 1876 and later received sea-grant and space-grant designations. With these designations, we are a leader in research and education regarding how we interact with and impact our environment.

The Texas A&M Office of Sustainability promotes sustainable practices on and off campus. It provides resources and support for people who wish to incorporate sustainable practices into their work and life.

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First Amendment on Campus

At Texas A&M, we are a community where the free and open exchange of ideas and information is valued, promoted and encouraged.

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We seek to be a top-quality university while respecting our past and our many traditions that have formed since we began instruction in 1876. These traditions embody our core values while recognizing our history, honoring those we've lost and celebrating our excellence and successes.

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