Final Review, held at Simpson Drill Field, is one of the most poignant, emotional and exciting experiences for members of the Corps of Cadets. For graduating seniors, it signals the end of their time in the Corps. For the rest of the cadets, it marks the beginning of their new leadership positions.

Final Review, the culminating event for the Corps, consists of two passes in review. During the first pass, all cadets from the current school year pass in review in front of a reviewing party of various dignitaries, including the commandant. Afterward, the cadets return to their dorms to prepare for the second pass.

The second pass consists of the three classes who will assume the organization's leadership positions the upcoming year with the graduating seniors serving as reviewing officers. The graduating seniors traditionally line the drill field to cheer on the next year’s Corps, as the second pass honors the outgoing senior class.

The second pass of Final Review is the only time the Corps marches without freshmen. It is also the incoming seniors' first public appearance wearing their senior boots and in their roles as the leaders of the Corps.

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