Two Aggies get engaged under the Century Tree

The Century Tree has become known as a "sweetheart tree," with hundreds of Aggie marriage proposals taking place there every year.

Credit: Texas A&M University Division of Marketing & Communications

Texas A&M University's renowned Century Tree has become the stuff of legend over the last 100 years, believed by many Aggies to bring good luck to couples who pass under it.

The Century Tree, located near the Academic Building, holds a special place in the hearts of many Aggies. Well over 100 years old, the tree was one of the first planted on Texas A&M's massive 5,200-acre campus.

The beautiful live oak has been the site of countless Aggie marriage proposals, weddings and tourist photos. Its immense size and unique drooping branches, many of which rest on the ground, make it the perfect location for photos and special events.

The tradition goes that if a couple walks together underneath the Century Tree, they will marry. If a marriage proposal takes place under the tree, the marriage will last forever.

The Century Tree is also featured in the book, Famous Trees of Texas. It is such a beloved part of the Texas A&M campus that people can buy seedlings grown from the acorns of the historic live oak. The proceeds go to fund scholarships.

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