The Aggie way of life involves being part of one of the friendliest communities, where Aggies support and help each other. It includes our core values, which unite current and former students and serve as everyday guideposts for our words and deeds. It means joining one of the loudest, proudest groups of fans on gameday, participating in yells that started more than a century ago.

To learn more about why the Aggie way of life is so special, see 12 reasons to live and learn in Aggieland:

1. Academics

Our students have access to multidisciplinary, hands-on instruction and research experiences that few universities offer. With about 140 undergraduate degrees and 270 graduate and professional degrees, you have many options to explore.

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2. Degree Affordability

A degree from Texas A&M is a great investment that continues to appreciate over time. Our university was named the Best Value School among public universities in Texas in 2024 U.S. News & World Report rankings.

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3. Academic Support

We work to help you achieve your academic goals and realize your potential. Our university provides many programs and resources to ensure a successful learning experience. Learn about our academic support services.

4. Student Research

Research teaches you to think critically, problem-solve and collaborate with people who share your interests. Our students have the opportunity to work with faculty on research that turns into life-saving products and services.

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5. Friendliness

We have one of the friendliest campus communities in the country, where Aggies support and help each other. Here, you will be greeted with our university's official greeting, "Howdy!" And if you lose your way on campus, a friendly Aggie will be sure to point you in the right direction.

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6. Safety

We're committed to keeping everyone on our campus safe. Our police department provides law enforcement and security services. We also have safety procedures and resources for various emergencies and other situations.

Learn about campus safety at Texas A&M.

7. Health and Wellness

You don't have to leave campus to get medical or mental health services. We offer many services and resources to keep you feeling your best. These include counseling, medical services for minor illnesses, immunizations, physical therapy, radiology services and more.

Learn about our campus health and wellness services.

8. Student Involvement

Your time at Texas A&M is about more than academic excellence. While earning your degree, you can explore your interests, hone your skills and build friendships. We offer many organizations, service opportunities, intramural sports and outdoor recreation options.

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9. Aggie Traditions

Texas A&M's traditions unite our current and former students, build camaraderie and foster the Aggie Spirit. Some traditions started shortly after the university opened, while others began more recently. They are all part of Aggie life, including how we greet each other, what words we use and what we do on gamedays.

Learn about our traditions.

10. Aggie Gamedays

Our athletics program has a rich history that includes one of the greatest collegiate traditions, the 12th Man. One of the best ways to experience Aggie life is to attend a home game. You can join the loudest and proudest fans in the Southeastern Conference while cheering the Aggies to victory.

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11. Active College Community

Residents enjoy a relaxed, small-town feel, but there is also plenty to do. Our vibrant community offers a wide range of cultural, recreational and employment opportunities. Here, you'll enjoy great food, shopping, live music, theaters, museums, parks and college sports.

Learn about our arts and culture and campus attractions.

12. Central Location

The amenities of bigger cities are only a day trip away. Texas A&M's location in College Station, Texas, is within a three-hour drive of major cities like Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio.

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