Counseling and Mental Health Care

Texas A&M University Health Services provides students with personalized mental health care services that improve well-being, personal growth and academic success.

Counseling Appointments

  • Individual Counseling Individual counseling pairs a student with a mental health provider. It may include traditional talk therapy, recommendations to University Health Services groups and workshops, and further mental health assessments.
  • Single Sessions Single sessions are appointments during which mental health care providers meet with students to discuss strategies for concerns that can be addressed in one session.
  • Group Counseling Group counseling connects students with peers facing similar circumstances or challenges. Sessions are held weekly for 60-90 minutes to teach coping techniques and provide support.
  • Quick Checks Quick checks are 25-minute, one-time appointments to identify students' levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Then, targeted interventions can be provided.

Immediate Assistance

  • Crisis Intervention (Business Hours)Texas A&M provides crisis intervention assistance for immediate emotional support needs. It is available from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. on weekdays when the university is open.
  • Crisis Intervention (After Hours)For after-hours mental health support, call the HelpLine at 979-845-2700 from 4 p.m.-8 a.m. on weekdays. It is also available 24 hours a day on weekends when classes are in session.
  • Free Virtual Chats Free virtual chats are offered through the TELUS Health Student Support app. The app provides free 24/7 real-time chat and phone support, virtual sessions and short-term counseling.
  • Emergency Resources Texas A&M students have access to community emergency and after-hours care resources, including mental health resources, police departments, emergency rooms and crisis hotlines.

Reporting Concern for a Student

Counselors can consult with staff, faculty, family and friends who are worried about a student in emotional distress. Contact University Health Services at 979-845-4427 for more information.

Learn what to do if you're concerned about a student

Prevention and Population Health

Our Prevention and Population Health office fosters students’ well-being and strives to meet needs before they become crises. Initiatives include suicide awareness and prevention, public health campaigns and vaccine clinics.

All Prevention and Population Health Services

Primary and Specialty Medical Care

University Health Services provides personalized medical care to help students maintain their physical health.