Compact With Texans

Texas A&M University serves Texas as a land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant public institution of higher education. The university's mission is to provide the highest quality undergraduate and graduate programs and develop new understandings through research and creativity.

Texas A&M prepares students for leadership, responsibility, and service in a diverse and global society that is experiencing rapid change in technology. Our discovery, development, communication, and application of knowledge benefit its students and the community, state, and nation.

Excellence is the standard for customer service. Our customers are students and others that gain from our institution's teaching, research, and public service programs. Communication, responsiveness, and improvement are key elements to create a customer service program of excellence.


The Texas A&M webpage is a communication window designed for easy user navigation to access current, relevant information.

University brochures, catalogues, and publications offer available sources of useful information.

You may contact each of the following areas directly:

Campus telephone numbers

For campus directory assistance, call 979-845-3211.

Inquiries, comments, and complaints can be communicated directly to the Texas A&M University Customer Service Representative:

Krista Berend
Texas A&M University
1372 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-1372
Phone: 979-845-4641 / Fax: 979-845-9909


Texas A&M strives to provide services, answer inquiries, and resolve concerns with integrity, courtesy, respect, and promptness.

Formal written complaints may be directed to academic departments, administrative officers, or the customer service representative. This process does not supplant other established procedures such as University Student Rules.

Inquires and comments received by the customer service representative will be handled within 10 working days.


Commitment to improvement is a mark of excellence. Customer satisfaction provides a measure of performance. Customer input reflects satisfaction and offers direction to improve services.

Texas A&M seeks and obtains customer input, suggestions, and advice through surveys, evaluations, focus groups, advisory boards, and other information gathering methods.

Our university also assesses input, suggestions, and advice to identify successes, gain insights, and shape ideas to enhance services and customer satisfaction.

Customers are served through initiatives that improve program quality and build a safe, accessible, welcoming campus that is conducive to scholarly work and study.

Communication, responsiveness, and improvement form a framework to connect customer needs, service goals, and performance. The Texas A&M University Compact with Texans web page lists the customer service representative as an initial point of contact. Links are included for academics, research, special programs, student affairs, finance, and administration.