The Century Tree, located near the Academic Building, is a place that holds a special place in the heart of many Aggies. Well over 100 years old, the tree was one of the first trees planted on Texas A&M's massive 5,200-acre campus. The beautiful live oak has been the site of countless Aggie marriage proposals, weddings, and tourist snapshots because of its immense size and its unique drooping branches, many of which rest on the ground. Tradition says that if a couple walks together underneath the Century Tree, they will eventually marry — and if a marriage proposal takes place under the tree, the marriage will last forever.

Related Traditions

If a marriage proposal takes place under the tree, the marriage will last forever.

Aggies Remember

It was 23 years ago this fall when I asked my wife to marry me under the century tree. It is true that a marriage started under the tree lasts forever. This fall (2017) our daughter will start as a freshmen on campus, hopefully starting another Aggie Family Tradition. As an anniversary gift one year, my bride presented me with a sapling of the century tree that is currently growing on our family farm. Gig 'em

- Rob Cameron

I can still remember that day like it was yesterday. My nerves were high and my heart was pounding. There was no doubt that I wanted to propose to my girlfriend underneath the Century Tree. So after making up a story to get her to the tree, getting down on one knee, fumbling through my words and asking the magical question … she said yes. And I knew then that my Aggie experience wouldn’t have been complete without a proposal underneath the Century Tree.

- Randy Reyes ’01