Welcome to the home of all Texas A&M's storied traditions. Browse the five categories above, or scroll to the right to learn more about our time-honored traditions.


We welcome our newest Aggies to campus through a variety of programs, including Fish Camp and Howdy Camp, during each academic year.

Aggie Culture

Aggies have great loyalty and dedication to one another and to Texas A&M — we call this the Aggie Spirit, and it lives through everything from our mascot to how Aggies speak to one another.

The Corps

Known as the "Keepers of the Spirit," the Corps of Cadets — which is the largest uniformed student body outside of the U.S. service academies — plays a significant role in the unique spirit and traditions of Texas A&M.


Texas A&M is home to some of the most unique traditions in all of college football, like the 12th Man and Midnight Yell.


Once an Aggie, always an Aggie — some of our most meaningful traditions honor fallen members of the Aggie Family, both past and present.