Bomb scare

Bomb Threat

For evacuation procedures for a campus-wide bomb threat, click here.


Bombs can be constructed to look like anything and can be placed or delivered in any number of ways. The probability of finding a bomb that looks like the stereotypical bomb is almost nonexistent. The only common denominator that exists is that they are all designed and intended to explode.

A bomb threat is generally defined as a verbal threat to detonate an explosive or incendiary device to cause property damage or injuries, whether or not such a device actually exists.

Two main reasons someone may call with a bomb threat:

  • The person knows of an explosive device that is in place, and wants to minimize injuries
  • The person wants to create an environment of panic/confusion or to interrupt normal office/building functions

The latter reason is the most frequently encountered, especially in school settings (and particularly when major exams are scheduled or projects due). Unfortunately, there is often no way to tell which is the motivation of the caller until after a thorough inspection of the building is conducted. This means that there will always need to be a response to the threat by emergency services personnel (police, fire, and medical).

If you receive a call:

  • Immediately after the call is terminated, hang-up, obtain dial tone, dial #91, then hang-up (called a trace/trap procedure)
    • Note: This trap/trace procedure only works for phones on the TAMU phone system with one of the following prefixes: 845-XXXX, 847-XXXX, 862-XXXX, and 458-XXXX.
  • Call 911 (9-911 from a campus phone) and the dispatcher will notify University Police
  • Document the conversation using the Bomb Threat Checklist (DOC)
  • Notify the department head/building proctor
  • Meet with and assist University Police personnel
  • As directed by University Police, help locate/identify suspicious items
  • Evacuate building, as directed (use of public address system preferred or use building fire alarm system)
  • Do not re-enter building until cleared by authorized personnel

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