Final Review is the last activity of the Corps of Cadets before it is dismissed for the summer. It is a full military review at Simpson Drill Field of the entire Corps of Cadets, designed to formally signify the transition of command of the Corps from one year to the next.

Final Review consists of two Passes in Review by the entire Corps of Cadets. The first pass consists of the entire Corps from that current school year passing in review in front of a reviewing party of various dignitaries, including the Commandant of the Corps. After the first pass in review, the cadets go back to the dorms where they prepare for the second pass, which consists of the three classes who will assume the leadership of the Corps the next year passing in review in front of the graduating seniors. For the second pass in review, the graduating seniors form a line facing next year’s Corps formed on the parade field, and the second pass is made in their honor. The second pass of Final Review is the only time the Corps marches without freshmen. It is also the new seniors' first public appearance in their new senior boots and new roles as the leaders of the Corps.

Final Review is one of the most poignant, emotional and exciting experiences for cadets in the Corps, as it signals the end of their time in the Corps of Cadets for the seniors and the beginning of new leadership positions for the new seniors, juniors and sophomores in the Corps.

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Final Review is the perfect conclusion to a year in the Cadet Corps. Each May, as yet another class of seniors renders their final salutes as cadets, the tradition continues, and the bonds formed march onwards past the confines of the drill field.

- John Griffin ’09