Transfer Camp, known as T-Camp, welcomes transfer students to Texas A&M before the fall semester every year. T-Camp, is a three-day extended orientation program that introduces transfer students to the many opportunities that exist at Texas A&M and the long-standing traditions that embody the true meaning of being an Aggie. The camp gives transfer students the opportunity to meet fellow students and learn more about life at Texas A&M. The idea for T-Camp came from transfer students themselves; they wanted an extended orientation experience similar to Fish Camp, but specifically for transfer students. T-Camp became “A Transfer’s First Tradition” in 1987 and welcomes more than 500 Aggies each year.

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Aggies Remember

As a camper, I know it was probably one of the best decisions to go and put myself out there to meet new people and make friends at such a large university; it really helped me get a grasp on how A&M works and made it feel like home right off the bat.

- Bailey Stoller ’15