Each year, Texas A&M incoming freshmen are welcomed to the university at Fish Camp, a four day orientation program that takes place at the Lakeview Methodist Conference Center in Palestine, Texas. At Fish Camp, freshmen are given opportunities to learn Aggie traditions, make friends and learn more about life at Texas A&M. The camp is led entirely by Texas A&M students.

During Fish Camp, the freshmen are split into “camp” groups of approximately 120 students and 24 upperclassmen counselors. Each of these camps is divided into Discussion Groups of 10-15 freshmen and two counselors. In addition to meeting friends and forming valuable connections, DG time provides freshmen with opportunities to ask any questions they may have about life at Texas A&M.

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Aggies Remember

Crazy hair, lost voices, and a whole lot of Aggie family!

- Shanda Swallers ’10

I never thought that one of the best experiences in my life would start by a green-haired person greeting me in a tutu.

- Meghan Reilly ’13

Fish Camp provides a foundation for freshmen transitioning into college. It not only introduces them to what it means to be an Aggie, but it gives them the opportunity to meet lifelong friends. It is often a freshman’s first time experiencing the spirit that makes A&M so special.

- Kaitlin Gordon ’14