Yell Leaders

When people want to know where the cheerleaders are during Aggie games, they quickly learn Aggies don't cheer — they yell. Instead of cheerleaders, yell leaders walk the sidelines. Yell leaders are a team of upperclassmen — three seniors and two juniors — elected each year by the student body.

During one game, the upperclassmen ordered the freshmen to find a way to entertain their guests. The freshmen found white coveralls and began leading the crowd in yells. They had so much fun and received so much attention from their audience that it was decided that only upperclassmen would be allowed to participate in leading yells in the future.

Aggie Yell Leaders still wear white during games and attend all home and away football games, all home basketball, volleyball and soccer games, as well as post-season football, basketball and volleyball games. They can always be found on the sidelines of the playing field in front of the student section, encouraging the Aggies to show their Aggie Spirit.

Yell Leaders behind end zone

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I knew I wanted to be a yell leader by seventh grade. It’s one of the best traditions at A&M and it makes our fan base unique.

- Chris Diem ’05