Campus Safety Awareness Series

Download a PDF version of the full schedule.

Spring 2023 Campus Safety Awareness Series Events

@TAMUPrepares Coffee Break

It's been a busy start to the semester, so take a coffee break with us!  We are great conversationalists.

  • When: January 19, 9a-11a (while supplies last)
  • Where: MSC 12th Man Hall

Be Our Valentine

We'd love to be your Valentine, so please be ours!  Join us in the MSC to pick up a pun-tastic Valentine - and then stick around for some cool preparedness information.

  • When: February 14, 11:30a-1:30p
  • Where: MSC 12th Man Hall

Disaster Game Night

The Student Ambassadors for Emergency Readiness (SAFER) present to you a disaster game!  Make critical resource decisions to respond to a scenario, and see where you end up.  This game is designed to take about an hour.

  • When: March 21, 6:00p
  • Where: Hullabaloo 117-B

Spring Into Safety

Come out and join our first responders to learn life-savings skills like CPR and tourniquet application.

  • When: April 18, 1-3p
  • Where: MSC 12th Man Hall