Evacuation Procedures for Campus-Wide Bomb Threats

In the event that you are asked to evacuate campus due to a campus-wide bomb threat:

  • Evacuation orders to be disseminated via Code Maroon.
  • Do not activate the building fire alarm system to achieve evacuation.
  • Remain calm but act quickly.
  • Promptly secure equipment, research, etc. in safe shutdown condition before leaving.
  • Spread the word of the evacuation order to others as you exit the building.
  • Remember to take personal belongings with you (backpacks, briefcases, purses, car keys, personal computing devices, etc.).
  • Pedestrians should exit campus by the shortest route.
  • Exit campus as directed in the Code Maroon message.
    • You may use your vehicle to leave campus, unless directed otherwise in the Code Maroon message.
    • If possible, Transportation Services will continue to operate off-campus routes, outbound only. Bus pickup locations may be altered, changes will be announced and posted at http://emergency.tamu.edu.
    • Transportation Services Paratransit can be reached by calling 979-845-1971.
  • Do not call 911 unless there is an immediate, life-threatening emergency.
  • Go to http://emergency.tamu.edu for regular updates on the emergency situation and information on returning to campus.