Statue of Sul Ross

Two polaroid-style photos of the Sul Ross Statue. One a closeup of pennies stacked at his feet, one a full-height shot.
Sully's statue overlooks the Academic Plaza, considered to be the heart of the A&M campus by Aggies.

Lawrence Sullivan "Sul" Ross became president of the Agricultural & Mechanical College of Texas in 1891 at the end of his term as governor. His efforts to keep the college open while governor are legendary, and some credit Ross as the embodiment of Aggie Spirit and tradition. He served as president until his death in 1898.

The statue of Ross or "Sully" as he is affectionately called, is one of the most revered works on campus. The statue overlooks the Academic Plaza, which serves as a venue for a number of speakers, special events and traditions.

Many students leave pennies at the base of Sully, hoping it will bring good luck when taking exams.