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What is the strategic vision for TAMUmobile?
TAMUmobile harnesses mobile technology to improve the student, faculty, staff, future student, and visitor experience by providing easy and immediate mobile access to information about the university by Web browser or through downloadable apps.
Who is leading the TAMUmobile initiative?
The Division of Marketing & Communications is leading the development of TAMUmobile through collaboration with several campus departments such as Aggie Athletics, Computing & Information Services, GIS, and Enterprise Information Systems.
How do I download certain apps within TAMUmobile?
TAMUmobile Apps is a package of mobile apps. When you download TAMUmobile Apps, you automatically receive the suite of current apps plus future notifications of new apps. You can download TAMUmobile Apps from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.
What else can I download onto my iPhone or iPod Touch?
Texas A&M offers over 1,000 free educational podcasts from Texas A&M on iTunes U. Visit Texas A&M on iTunes U and select a topic or browse the 'Top Downloads' list.
How do I submit a video for possible inclusion into the TAMUtv app?
Post your video to YouTube and tag it 'Texas A&M' for possible inclusion into the Texas A&M YouTube channel. Featured videos from the Texas A&M YouTube site are featured in the TAMUtv app.
How do I submit an app proposal for TAMUmobile Apps?
Email a brief description of your app, the benefits to the Aggie community, and your contact information to the TAMUmobile team. The TAMUmobile Steering Committee will review your proposal.
What if I don't have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android for these apps?
While efforts and plans are being made to expand TAMUmobile Apps to a number of different platforms, Texas A&M also offers a mobile web experience called TAMUmobile Web that works with most web-enabled phones and portable devices.