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SEA Asia Study Abroad Program

Fuzhou, China (1 month)

Faculty-Led Study Abroad

The only TAMU COALS study abroad program to China

Visit beautiful parks, bustling cities, and Beijing (Great Wall & Forbidden City)

One of the most affordable 1-month faculty-led program at TAMU

Daejeon, South Korea (6 Weeks)

Reciprocal exchange program

Students from as many as 12 countries participate

Visit natural parks, historical sites, industry, and research centers

The most affordable 6-week study abroad program at TAMU

Taipei, Taiwan (6~8 Weeks)

Reciprocal exchange program

Students from other US universities also participate

Visit natural parks and ecosystems in Taiwan

Scholarships available through Taiwan government


Our program offers students with THREE exciting destinations.

  1. 1Fuzhou (China) - Faculty-Led

  2. 2Daejeon (South Korea) - Reciprocal Exchange

  3. 3Taipei (Taiwan) - Reciprocal Exchange

Faculty-Led Study Abroad at Fujian Agricultural & Forestry University (FAFU) in Fuzhou, China

(Summer I: May ~ June)

International environmental issues are becoming more important as the rapid industrialization of the developing world is producing pollution that affects the producing nation, neighbors, and the global environment.

Excursions will provide students with unique learning experiences and foster global perspectives. A&M students will have an opportunity to interact with FAFU faculty and students in multiple activities.

BESC311 (Special Topics in International Perspectives on Environmental Issues, 3 Cr Hrs, Dr. Daniel Ebbole) will introduce the nature of international law and the institutions that foster international cooperation and implementation of environmental agreements. This course will focus on China, a key international partner and competitor of the US.

BESC204 (Molds and Mushrooms, 3 Cr Hrs, Dr. Brian Shaw) will introduce students to the fungi and impact these organisms have on society and the environment. Molds and mushrooms also hold great significance in traditional medicine.

2016 CHINA Program video (BESCrecruit2016.mp4)

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Contact Dr Daniel Ebbole (ebbole(at) or Ms Bianca Cusimano (bcusimano[at] for more information.

Reciprocal Exchange at Chungnam National University (CNU) in Daejeon, South Korea

(Mid June ~ July)

CNU is one of ten “Flagship” Korean National Universities and is recognized as one of the most prestigious five national universities in South Korea. Daejeon is located 2 hr south of Seoul. CNU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty members have excellent track records in research and scholastic achievement in biotechnology and agriculture. All courses and field trips of this program will be conducted in English by experienced CNU professors, with 6 credits offered.

ㅁㅁㅁㅁ489* Agricultural Biotechnology in Korea (3 cr hrs) will introduce basic concepts of biotechnology used in the agriculture and food industries in Korea, such as animal cloning, transgenic plant production, and fermentation. Students will also participate in field trips to related industries and agricultural fields. *Course prefix will depend on student’s major with departmental approval.

MODL201 Korean Language and Culture (3 cr hr) will teach students basic understanding of the Korean language, focusing on conversational skills and academic writing. Students will also participate in cultural excursions, such as temples, traditional village, and city tours. 

CNU information brochure (CNU Brochure.pdf)

CNU-TAMU REEP program (CNU REEP Brochure.pdf)

2015 Ag Biotech syllabus (CNU Ag Biotech Syllabus.pdf)

Visit Korea REEP Study Abroad website (Click HERE)

Contact Dr Won Bo Shim (wbshim[at] or Ms Bianca Cusimano (bcusimano[at] for more information.

Reciprocal Exchange at National Taiwan University (NTU) in Taipei, Taiwan

(Mid June ~ Early August)

Taiwan is an island of 36,000 km2 with a costal line of more than 1,100 km, situated in subtropical and tropical Asia. Due to the high differences in elevation, climates vary along the altitudinal gradient, producing diverse and abundant wild fauna and flora Biodiversity and agriculture will be examined in the field. The Chinese culture that is well preserved on the island is one of the most intriguing aspects we offer to foreign visitors.

BESC489 Biodiversity, Agriculture and Culture of Taiwan (4 cr hr), hosted by the College of Bioresources and Agriculture, provides a four-week program that brings students to discover Taiwan’s biodiversity and agriculture while they also experience the island’s East Asian culture.

BESC491 Research (2 cr hr) will offer students to perform research project in a NTU laboratory. Students not currently involved in research at TAMU will be matched with NTU faculty in their area of interest during the spring semester (contact the faculty advisor for more information).

The course prefix will be adjusted according to the students major.

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Contact Dr Daniel Ebbole (ebbole(at) or Ms Bianca Cusimano (bcusimano[at] for more information.


Sustainability, environment, and Agriculture (SEA)