Steven M. Smith

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Research Interests


Retrieval Blocking & Recovery, Context-Dependent Memory, Reminiscence & Hypermnesia, Aging & Memory, Eyewitness Memory, Created Memories

Creative Cognition

Fixation & Mental Blocks,
Incubation, Insight, Creative Idea Generation



Tip-Of-the-Tongue (TOT) States, Feeling-Of-Knowing (FOK) Reports, Feelings of Imminence


Finke, R.A., Ward, T.B., & Smith, S.M. (1992). Creative Cognition: Theory, Research & Applications Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Smith, S.M., Ward, T.B., & Finke, R.A. (1995). The Creative Cognition Approach. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Ward, T.B., Finke, R.A., and Smith, S.M. (1995). Creativity and the Mind: Discovering the Genius Within. New York: Plenum Press.

Ward, T.B., Smith, S.M. & Vaid, J. (1997). Creative Thought: An Investigation of Conceptual Structures and Processes. American Psychological Association Books.

. New York: W.H. Freeman, Inc.

China Trip 2004

Paris Trip 2008

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Editorial Board Member for Journal of Creative Behavior

Coordinator of 2nd, 6th, and 11th annual Texas Cognition Conferences (ARMADILLO), College Station, TX

Co-coordinator of the Creative Concepts Conference (APA Scientific Conference), May, 1995, College Station, TX

Expert Witness on Eyewitness Memory


My Children

Noah (age 36)

Dara (age 32)

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