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RENR 375: Conservation of Natural Resources

This introductory course examines the connections of man, nature and society. It examines concepts from ecology and earth sciences (such as biology, chemistry, geology, geography) with social sciences (such as economics, ethics, law, management, politics and sociology) to outline a framework on how nature is influenced by man.

RENR/RPTS 420: Natural Resource Law

This course examines the basic legal relationships and issues involved in the management, development and allocation of natural resources. Natural resource law implicitly includes science, economics, and policy analysis in a study of federal, state statutes, administrative rules and judicial decisions. Students read law cases and related material and discuss these cases in class.

WMHS 602: Contemporary Issues in Water Resources

This course examines the contemporary issues in surface and groundwater resource systems including water quality and quantity concerns, ecosystem stability, restoration ecology, water model applications, instream flow, water supply and demand management with a focus on economic, engineering, legal, political, and social science applications.

RENR 662: Water Law and Policy

This course investigates the influence of the American legal system on the allocation, development, management, and protection of water resources. Water law necessarily incorporates biological and earth sciences, economics, policy and social science as essential elements of its analysis. The course is designed to track water issues and problems according to the structure of the legal process. Students study case law, statutes and related legal material in order to develop foresight into the legal decisional system.