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Water Law and Management

Selected Publications

Water is a crucial element for sustaining life and for promoting economic development and environmental protection. The competing and conflicting uses for water create a paradox over how to best use water to meet changing societal needs. Under normal circumstances, the nation has more than enough water to meet current needs; the problem is that the water is not often available at time, in a place and in the quality where people want it. Scarcity requires making difficult economic, environmental, legal, political and social choices over problems of increasing demand; limited supplies and the reallocation of scarce water from lower valued to higher valued uses.

Risk Management in Recreation

Selected Publications

The law is pervasive in the recreation, sport and tourism industry because it permits, empowers, forbids, regulates and promotes the activities of sponsoring organizations and program participants. One of the most significant constraints on the services provided by suppliers and enterprises willingness is legal liability for user injuries. Risk management is part of the everyday business for public agencies and private enterprises sponsoring these activities.