M E M B E R S H I P    C R I T E R I A

    The Texian Web is a consortium dedicated to building a high quality and accurate knowledge base of pre-Civil War Texas history on the Internet.

    Our Goal is high quality content, appearance and functionality. By building an interconnected, cross-referenced network, we allow any researcher access to accurate information available on diverse pre-Civil War Texas history subjects.

    Membership is elected by majority vote of current Texian Web members.  Candidate member sites are considered by either application or recommendation.  Please submit applications or recommendations with a URL and a brief statement of the site's qualifications for review. Application or recommendations can be submitted to any current Texian Web member webmaster.


    Texian Web membership is decided on the following criteria:

  • Advancement of the study of pre-Civil War Texas history using a scholarly approach.   Clearly written and well-organized text with citation of sources.
  • Information useful to a broad audience with a significant section related to pre-Civil War Texas history.
  • High quality and significant information content within the site.  Solely graphic and internet link sites are discouraged.  Links are expected to relate to the subject matter.
  • Design and ease of navigation suitable for children, young adults and computer neophytes.
  • Sites based on family history must provide extensive interpretation and documentation of the family(ies) historic role in pre-Civil War Texas. 


    Sites containing the following will generally be declined:

  • Sites that distribute unnecessary "cookies" or open unwanted browser windows.
  • Sites that exist solely to promote a commercial venture or service.
  • Commercial banners or links to sites that are inappropriate for children and young adults, or offensive as determined by a majority of members..
  • Patently offensive or obscene pages. Texian Web sites are provided for benefit of the public of all ages and backgrounds and are a resource for grades K through 12.   All portions of member sites, including advertising and links, must therefore be appropriate to be viewed by all.
  • Sites that have content or link to those that advocate sexism, racism or violence.   This does not preclude such content when clearly quoted from authentic historical documents or discussed objectively in historical context.

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