The history of the Alamo before 1836 is that of a community whose citizens lived, fought and died within the shadow of its walls. Largely ignored, are the years after Mission Valero's secularization in 1793. Historians and scholars have long been aware of this part of the mission's history, but it has remained mostly obscured in shadow. Today's historians have brought new revelations to light, realizing that history evolves from many intertwining events and that no single part of history should be left uncovered.

This site is dedicated to the discovery, study and preservation of Alamo History. It features the early Spanish/Mexican military history, a much-neglected area.  There is a significant section on Alamo archaeology and the Alamo siege of 1836.

The Alamo de Parras website features contributions by some of the best Alamo historians, archaeologists and writers in this field. This content and illustration rich site is a must for the casual and serious students of Texas History.

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