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The Royal Line of Kristina Olsdotter Lindblad
of Järnboås and Nora, Västmanland, Örebro län, Sweden
Descendant of King Frederick I of Denmark & Poet Anna Ovena Hoyer


Krutgumma HinnersmoraKristina Olsdotter Lindblad whose short name was Stina (first name also written Christina in her family bible primer) is also referred to with surname Hindersson or Hinnerson and in other places referred to as "Hinnersmora" or "i Kinnermora" by family members. These are obviously variations of her married surname Henricksson. She is listed with husband Erik and family in Åshytte and Skottorp, Skotthytte as Stina Olsdotter-Lindblad. Stina worked for some years in the gunpowder and nitroglycerine factories at Gyttorp and fortunately was not at work on the day of one of the worst explosions at the plant in history.  In her later years, she worked at home in Gyttorp in what was an early version of today's home employment doing routine piece work like assemblies, bulk mailings and telemarketing.  She weighed out and packaged portions of gunpowder which was manufactured locally and utilized for making different sizes of ammunition and explosives. The factory would deliver a bulk supply of gunpowder periodically to her home and she would portion it out for periodic pickup and was paid according to how many pieces she produced. She lived alone as a widow in a small cottage in Finntorp near Gyttorp until her death.

Hinnersmora was referred to lovingly as the krutgumma of Gyttorp or Nora by her relatives and descendants.  In modern times the term is widely used to refer to a tough and independent older lady.  Stina Lindblad was both literally a "krutgumma" by profession as a long term employee of Gyttorp's Krutbruk and by the modern meaning of the term.



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Kristina Olsdotter Lindblad's ancestry has been described briefly in the article Min Släkt På Fädernet by Kyrkoadjunkt Martin Lindblad in Nora Stads Och Bergslags Tidning No. 43, 13 April 1962.  Kristina Olsdotter Lindblad’s known ancestry is one of over 400 years within primarily the area Järnboås in Nora commun in Västmanland, Örebro län, Sweden and secondarily the area around Nora village known as Nora Bergsförs where she lived until her death. One exception was a marriage to an immigrant descendant of King Frederick I of Denmark from Schlesvig-Holstein whose family immigrated into the region in the late 17th century from northern Germany.

Vår älskade moder änkan Kristina Henriksson född Lindblad avled stilla och fridfullt i sitt hem onsdagen den 11 mars k. 3 f. m. i sitt 86:te levnadsår, djupt sörjd och saknad av oss barn, barnbarn och barnbarns barn samt övriga släktingar och vänner. Finntorp den 12 Mars 1925. Karl och Mina. Johan och Alma. August och Alma. Vila, trötta hydda, För en liten tid; Salla ande, ila Hem till Gud i frid! Undan gråt och möda, Frestelse och fall Du är gömd hos Kristus, Tills han komma skall.



Kristina Olsdotter Lindblad's parents were Olof Persson Lindblad (1809-1867) and Maria Olsdotter (1864-1866)

Below is the known family history of her father, click on Maria Olsdotter for the history of her mother's line.


Olof Persson Lindblad (Torpare)
Parents: Peter Olsson Lindblad and Kristina Persdotter Ramberg
Born 15 November 1809 Järnboås, Västmanland, Örebro län
Died 3 Dec 1867 Damsjöåsen, Lindesby rote, Järnboås

Married 1837 Järnboås

Maria Olsdotter
Parents: Olav Ersson and Katarina Jansdotter
Born 16 January 1818 Tolfsbörd, Järnboås, Västmanland, Örebro län
Died 19 Dec 1872 Damsjöåsen, Lindesby rote, Järnboås

Children: Kristina (1840-1925); Greta Lisa (b. 1844); Per (b. 1845; m. Anna Stina Eliasdotter); Erik (1847-1939; m. Christina Lovisa Johansdotter Eriksson); Olaf (b. 1850-1890; m. Anna Israelsdotter); Israel (b. 1851); Gustaf (1853-1853); Maria (1855-1855); Gustaf (b. 1858); Maria (1859-1949); Anders (1864-1866)

Olov Persson Lindblad was a dräng with Israel Larsson living at Lindesby Nr. 6 and later a dräng at Smålandstorp. He became "agare av torpet", owner of a torp called Damsjöåsen on Lindesby Rote at about the same time as he was married in 1837 to Maria Olsdotter.

Maria Olsdotter was listed as the daughter of "bergsman" (overseer or owner of a larger area of forest or mineral-containing land), Olof Ersson, living in Tolfsbörd (Tolvsbörd), south of Järnboås and Lindesby towards Nora.

The Lindblad Surname, the Ramberg Family
& Link to Frederik I of Denmark

Peter Olsson Lindblad (kopparslagare/bergsman)
Parents: Olaf Olsson and Catherina Hansdotter
Born 26 December 1773 Lindesby, Järnboås, Västmanland, Örebro län
Died 14 Apr 1845 Västra Yxsjötorp, Lindesby rote, Järnboås, Västmanland, Örebro län

Married 15 Jun 1806

Kristina (Stina) Persdotter Ramberg
Parents: Peter Ersson Ramberg and Kristina Andersdotter
Born 25 March 1782 Gölesgården, Järnboås rote, Järnboås, Västmanland, Örebro län
Died 13 Sep 1814 Lindesby, Lindesby Rote, Järnboås, Västmanland, Örebro län

Children: Per (1808-1808); Per (b. 1808-1874); Olof (b. 1809-1867); Stina (b. 1810); Maria (1813-1813)

Peter Olsson Lindblad. According to parish records 1785-1790, in 1787, 14 year old Petter Olsson moved to Nora and took a room with "kopparslagermäster" (coppersmith) Mathias Arelius and wife Christina Dorothea von Gerdes (b. 1732 in Vassaland (Vassland), Järnboås, m. 1786). The von Gerdes family with which Christina was listed prior to her marriage was on the same page in church records as the Chrisma Hansson family which included his daughter Catherina Hansdotter (Peter Olsson's mother) in Järnboås. Vassland is just east of Järnboås village. This contact was probably the connection that ended in young Petter Olsson's apprenticeship in Nora. In the period 1791-1795 in Nora, Petter Olsson took up the surname Lindblad and was listed as a "larling" or apprentice. He spent 8 years with the Arelius family in Nora and in 1795 moved back to his home in Järnboås (Lindesby) as a skilled coppersmith. Although his work was in great demand, when his "bergsman" father Olaf Olsson died in 1797, he took over control or ownership of the "stora bondgård," a large farm, estate or region and also became a "bergsman." A "bergsman" was an owner or administrator of a larger area of small farms and forest and generally provided the local community either charcoal or iron ore or both (or access to it) and received a tax break for the service.

After Kristina Andersdotter Ramberg's death, Peter Lindblad married in 1822 Anna Hansdotter (b. 7 Oct 1782, Nya Grängshyttan, Hjulsjö; d. 4 May 1843, Västra Yxsjötorp, Lindesby rote, Järnboås).  They had a son Israel (b. 1825).

Peter Olsson Lindblad's father Olaf Olsson was born 27 Dec 1736 in Björnbekstorp.  He died 8 Mar 1797 in Lindesby, Lindesby Rote, Järnboås.  His baptism was witnessed on 30 Dec 1736 by Nils Svensson from Vilenstorp and Israel Ericsson from Lindesby together with wife and maid (pigan) Anna Ericsdotter from Lindesby.  In later records, Olof was listed as a stepson of Jonas Olsson (b. 1702 in Axberg, d. 1782) whom his mother, Katarina Jacobsdotter (b. 1697 in Ramsberg), later married after the death of his father. His birth father was Olaf Svensson (b. 1686; d. 10 Sep 1741 at Björnbäckstorp, Järnboås).

Peter Olsson Lindblad's mother Katarina Hansdotter was born in 1735 and died in 1809 in Järnboås.  Her father was bergsman Chrisma Hansson.

Peter Ersson Ramberg
Parents:  Erik Ersson Ramberg and Kristina Nilsdotter
Born 15 Aug 1757 Vassland, Järnboås, Västmanland, Örebro län, Sweden

Without marriage (utom äktenskap)

Kristina (Stina) Andersdotter
Parents:  Anders Ersson and Anna (Annika) Hindersdotter
Born 17 Dec 1758 Gölagården, Järnboås rote, Järnboås
Died 4 Apr 1830 Fattigstugan, Finnshytte rote, Järnboås

ChildKristina (1782-1814)

Peter Ersson Ramberg also had a child, Maria Persdotter Ramberg (b. 19 Mar 1789 in  Gusselhyttan, Lindesberg), who was born out of wedlock with piga Maria Persdotter (b. in Gusselhyttan, Lindesberg).  It is unclear if Peter ever formally married.

Records indicate that Stina Andersdotter had another child, Anders Ersson (b. 10 Feb 1790 in Gölagården, Tolvsbörds Rote, Järnboås) whose father is unknown.  She married Torpare Lars Larsson Bergström (b. 1755 in Ljusnarsberg) who died 10 Sep 1816 in Arboga stadsförs.

Erik Ersson Ramberg (bergsman)
Parents:  Erik Ramberg and Katarina Olofsdotter Malmberg
Born 1730 Holmsjöbråtar, Hjulsjö, Västmanland
Died 23 Feb 1767 Vassland, Järnboås

Married 28 Sep 1753 Järnboås

Kristina (Kerstin) Nilsdotter
Parents:  Nils Nilsson and Anna (Annika) Persdotter
Born 27 Nov 1728 Vassland, Järnboås
Died 30 Mar 1795 Vassland, Vasslands Rote, Järnboås

ChildrenErik (1754-1806); Olof (1756-1809); Peter (b. 1757); Frans (1759-1759); Frans (b. 1761); Nils (b. 1764); Katarina (1765-1765); Anna (1767-1768)

Anders Ersson (nämdeman och kyrkoråd)
Parents:  Erik Olofsson and Anna Andersdotter
Born 7 Jul 1713 Tolvsbörd, Tolvsbörds Rote, Järnboås
Died 22 Feb 1785 Gölagården, Tolvsbörds Rote, Järnboås

Married 1735 Järnboås

Anna (Annika) Hindersdotter
Parents:  Hendrik Hendriksson and Kristina Andersdotter
Born 8 May 1713 Rastälven, Järnboås
Died 30 Nov 1786 Tolvsbörds Rote, Järnboås

Children: Erik (b. 1737); Anders (b. 1738); Israel (b. 1740); Olof (b. 1741); Erik (b. 1743); Anna (b. 1746); Maria (1747-1843); Johann (b. 1750); Erik (b. 1752); Kerstin (1755-1755); Kristina (1758-1830)

Erik Ramberg (bergsman)
Died 1736 Holmsjöbråtar, Hjulsjö

Married 20 Sep 1718 Järnboås

Katarina Olofsdotter Malmberg
Parents:  Olof Matsson Malmberg and Maria Hoyer (Höijer)
Born 18 Apr 1691 Järnboås
Died 1 Nov 1762 Holmsjöbråtar, Hjulsjö

ChildrenPeter (Per) (1720-1785); Maria (1721-1795); Anna (Annika) (1723-1789); Olof (1725-1725); Olof (1727-1765); Erik (1730-1767)

After Erik Ramberg's death in 1736, Katarina Malmberg married Anders Andersson (1708-1776) in 1737.  Anders was born at Björksjön, Hjulsjö and died at Göranstorp, Järnboås rote, Järnboås, he was a "masmästare" by trade.  The ancestry of Erik Ramberg and origin of the stable Ramberg surname is currently unknown to this author.  The name was possibly adopted from the place name Ramsberg which is northeast of the Järnboås area in Västmanland, Örebro län.

Parish clerk (klockare) Olof Matsson Malmberg was apparently the origin of the stable surname Malmberg.  He was born about 1660 in Nora stadsförs, Nora Bergsförs and died at Järnboås.  He is buried in the Järnboås Church Cemetery.  He was the son of Mattes Olofsson and Margaretha.  They had children Kristina (d. 1729 in Nora) and Margaretha (abt 1670 Nora -1715 Västra Sund, Nora Bergsförs) in addition to Olof. 

Järnboås Church Dec 2001Järnboås Church Dec 2001Järnboås Church Dec 2001

Olof Malmberg married Maria Hoyer (Höijer) in about 1683.  They had nine known children in addition to Katarina in the period 1688 to 1706.  Maria Hoyer (Höijer) was born about 1663 in Ramnäs, Västmanlands län and died in Järnboås at age 80.  She is the link of all subsequent descendants with the prominent Hoyer family of the Schlesvig-Holstein area of northern Germany who is linked to King Frederick I who governed Denmark and parts of Scandinavia in 1523 to 1533.

Nils Nilsson (bergsman)
Parents:  Nils Olofsson and Karin Nilsdotter
Born Fåsjöhyttan, Nora Bergsförs
Died Dec 1770 Vassland, Järnboås

Married 16 Oct 1726 Järnboås

Anna (Annika) Persdotter
Parents:  Per (Päder) Nilsson and Karin Hansdotter
Born 10 Sep 1712 Vassland, Järnboås
Died 17 Apr 1749 Vassland, Järnboås

Children:  Kristina (Kerstin) (1728-1795); Nils (b. 1731); Katarina (1744-1787)

Nils Nilsson's father, Nils Olofsson, a "Bergs- och Sexman," was born and died (1717) in Fåsjöhyttan, Nora Bergsförs.  His wife Karin Nilsdotter was also born in Nora Bergsförs and died sometime after 1717.  In addition to Nils, they had children Erik (abt 1696-1730) and Olof (abt 1702-1763). 

Nils Olofsson's father was "nämdeman" (juryman or member of the court) Olof Hansson, born about 1614 at Östra Sund, Nora Bergsförs.  He died on 7 Jan 1723 at Fåsjöhyttan, Nora Bergsförs (his unknown wife also died there).  Olof later married Karin Jansdotter in 1684 in Nora Bergsförs and after her death, Ingeborg Andersdotter.  With his first wife, Olof Hansson had children Hans (1665-1736), Lars and a daughter in addition to Nils.  Olof Hansson's father was Bergsman Hans Andersson (b. 1660 in Östra Sund), both he and his unnamed wife died in Östra Sund.  In addition to Olof, they had children "nämdeman" Johann, bergsman Anders and "brukspredikant" Ericus Johannis Sundius (b. 1623; d. 1700 in Hällefors).

Anna Persdotter's parents, Per (Päder) Nilsson and Karin (Katrina) Hansdotter were married 29 Apr 1701 in Järnboås.   He died about 1730 in Vassland, Järnboås.  Karin was born 20 Sep 1674 in Vassland and died there on 8 Mar 1738.  In addition to Anna, they had children Anna (1705-1705); Marina (b. 1706); Kerstin (b. 1707) and Lars (b. 1709).

Karin (Katrina) Hansdotter's parents were bergsman Hans Persson (b. Järnboås) and Anna Jansdotter who were married in Järnboås.  Anna Jansdotter was born 1653 and died 1738 in Vassland.  Hans died in Vassland in 1706.  In addition to Karin, they had children Marina (b. 1676); Kerstin (1678-1678); Anna (1681-1681); Anna (b. 1682); Kerstin (1684-1684); Olof (b. 1685); Kerstin (1689-1689); Kerstin (1689-1772); Anders (1692-1746); Chrisman (1694-1754); Per (b. 1695) and Brita (b. 1697).

Hans Persson's parents were Vasslanders Per Tidemansson and Tyresdotter (daughter of nämndeman Tyris Nilsson of Vassland).  Per Tidemansson's father was Tideman Andersson (son of Anders Andersson, b. abt 1544 in Grängshyttan, Hjulsjö).  Tideman was born in Grängshyttan, Hjulsjö and died in Finnshyttan, Järnboås. 

Anna Jansdotter's parents were Joen Persson and Karin (Kerstin) Olsdotter.  They had children Anders, Olof and Kerstin in addition to Anna.  Sexman Joen Persson was born in Dec 1608 Bondbyn, Nora Bergsförs and died 1695 in Vassland.  Joen also had later wives named Ingeborg Persdotter Pryss and Kerstin Börjesdotter (Björsdotter).  Joen had siblings Anders, Israel and Anna.  His father was fjärdingsman Per Jonsson (d. 1634, son of Jon Nilsson, who had also sons Lars and Anders) of Bondbyn, Nora Bergsförs.

Erik Olofsson (bergsman)
Parents:  Olof and Elin (d. abt 1730)
Died about 1738 Tolvsbörd, Tolvsbörds Rote, Järnboås

Married 20 Oct 1701 Hjulsjö

Anna Andersdotter
Born about 1677 Nya Grängshyttan, Hjulsjö
Died 9 Oct 1738 Tolvsbörd, Tolvsbörds Rote, Järnboås

ChildrenAnna (Annika) (b. 1705); Marina (b. 1709); Anders (1713-1785)

Hendrik Hendriksson (Kopparsmältare)
Born 1684 Grythyttan
Died 15 Apr 1750 Spångtorp, Järnboås

Married 16 Apr 1710 Järnboås

Kristina Andersdotter
Born about 1676 Vassland, Järnboås
Died 17 Jul 1742 Spångtorp, Järnboås

Children:  Johann (b. 1711); Anna (Annika) (1713-1786); Kerstin (1714-1720); Kerstin (b. 1720); Hendrik (b. 1722); Per (Peder) (b. 1724)

After first wife Kristina's death in 1742, Hendrik Hendriksson married Anna Nilsdotter (1703-1787) on 10 May 1745 in Järnboås.  They had a daughter Lena Hindersdotter born 14 Jul 1745 in Spångtorp, Järnboås.

The Hoyer Family of Schlesvig-Holstein
Link to King Frederick I of Denmark

Maria Hoyer (Höijer)
Parents:  Christian Hoyer (Höijer) and Catherina Fassing
Born about 1663 Ramnäs, Västmanlands län
Died 22 Jan 1743 Järnboås

Married about 1683

Olof Mattsson Malmberg (klockare)
Parents:  Mattes and Margaretha Olofsson
Born about 1660 Nora stadsförs, Nora Bergsförs
Died before 1729 Järnboås

ChildrenFrans (1688-1756); Kristian (abt 1790-abt 1729); Katarina (1691-1762); Johannes (b. 1693); Margaretha (1694-1774); Maria (1697-1778); Elisabet (1700-1772); Stina (1702-1762); Magdalena (b. 1706)

Christian Hoyer (Höijer) (bruksarrendator)
Parents:  Herman Hoyer and Anna Ovena
Born 1615 Hoyerswort, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Died 5 Feb 1683 Sikfors, Hällefors, Västmanland, Örebro län, Sweden

Married 1648

Catherina Fassing (Matrona)
Parents:  François (Frans) Fassin(g) and Anna Hero
Born about 1630 Mora Järnbruk, Dunker, Södermanlands län, Sweden
Died 8 Jun 1707 Grythyttan, Västmanland, Örebro län, Sweden

Children:  Katarina (1649-1711); Herman (abt 1650-1692); Frans Conrad (1652-abt 1728); Elisabet (1654-abt 1715); Christina (abt 1661-1736); Maria (abt 1663-1743); Anna (1668-1669); Rebecka (1672-1672); Beata (1673-1741); Sophia (1674-1744)

Catherina Fassings's father "bruksförvaltare" François (Frans) Fassin was born in Liège, Belgium and died in 1653 in Mora Järnbruk, Dunker, Södermanlands län where daughter Catherina was born.  He married Anna Hero in 1630 in Åker, Jönköpings län (south of Jönköping).  Anna was born before 1614 and died after 1670 in  Mora Järnbruk, Dunker.  Records indicate that she was buried in the "Dunkers kyrka under predikstolen."  Anna Hero's father was Serva Henrot (b. bef 1690 in Theux, Belgium; d. bef 1656 in Åker).  Serva Henrot's father (name unknown) was living near Theux, Belgium in 1585.  In addition to Catherina, Frans Fassin and Anna Hero had children Johann (b. abt 1632); female (b. 1634); Magdalena (abt 1636-1655); two children that died young (1639, 1640); Roloff (1642-1701); Maria (1644-1730); Frans (1646-1668); Joris (Georg) (abt 1651-1691).

The emigration of Christian Hoyer of Schlesvig-Holstein to Sweden coincides with the reign of King Karl X Gustav of Sweden in which alliances were made with royalty of Holstein-Gottorp and the historic home of the Hoyer family.   King Karl X married  Hedvig Eleanor of Hostein-Gottorp.  He used the Kiel region for an assembly point for his armies in conflicts with areas of Denmark, Germany and other places in the area of Europe.  This likely resulted in favorable contacts and opportunities including the position of "bruksarrendator" or leaseholder or overseer of a mine, mill or factory for Christina Hoyer.  Christian Hoyer's brother, Fredrich Herman Hoyer (1621-1698) also emigrated to Sweden and was an "ålderstyrman" who died in Ladugårdslandet, Stockholm.  It is likely that Christian Hoyer emigrated first to the area of Södermanlands län where he met Belgian wife Catherina Fassin.

Christian and Catherina Fassing Hoyer were clearly active residents and citizens of the Bergslag area around Hällefors where they settled and died.   According to Hällefors church records Christian was buried under the chapel threshold.  The wooden threshold and a heavy wooden door with it still is in the church today and is thought to be from the original church.  The couple donated a golden chandelier that hangs in the current church on which their names are inscribed:

Hoyer Chandelier: Hällefors ChurchHoyer Chandelier: Hällefors Church


Original Chapel Threshold and Door:  Hällefors Church 2001Original Chapel Threshold:  Hällefors Church 2001Hoyers Chandelier:  Hällefors Church 2001

Herman Hoyer (Furstligt råd och Ståthållare)
Parents:  Caspar Hoyer and Anna Wulff
Born 1571 Gottorp, Schlesvig-Holstein, Germany
Died 13 Sep 1622 Tönning, Schleswig-Holstein
(Begravd med stor pompa i faderns grav 1622-09-22 i Marienkirche, Husum)

Married 15 Apr 1599 Tönnings slott, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Anna Ovena HoyerAnna Ovena (Skald)
Parents:  Hans Ovens and Wenneke (Wencke) Jakobs
Born 1584 Wallsbüll, Koldenbüttel, Eiderstedt, Germany
Died 27 Nov 1655
(Buried Jakobs kyrka under bänkarna, Stockholm)

Children:  Anna (b. 1600); Maria (b. 1602); Caspar (abt 1608); Christina (abt 1610); Hans Conrad (abt 1612); Christian (1615-1683); Fredrich Herman (1621-1698)

Anna Ovena's father was "godsägare och astronom" Hans Ovens who was born 1560 in Witzwort, Eiderstedt, Germany.  He married Wenneke (Wencke) Jakobs (1567-1655) in 1583 in Koldenbüttel, Eiderstedt and died there in 1584.  Wenneke (Wencke) Jakobs' parents were lantman Jakob Hunnens (bef 1500-bef 1583) and Christina Banes (1529-abt 1583).  Jakob Hunnens' father was ålderman at Badenkoog, Hunne Sieverts (b. abt 1460).  Christina Banes' father was Bane Hennings of Koldenbüttel.

Hans Ovens' parents were "landsadvokat" Ove Tetens (1507-1574) and Anna Hans (1533-1607), both born and died in Witzwort, Eiderstedt.  In addition to Hans, they had children Mews (1555-1630); Jon (1563-1620); Catarina; Hein (b. abt 1567); and Wabe.  Ove Tetens parents were Jons Tete (1467-1539) and Hein Okens (1474-1550).   Jons Tete's parents were Jons and Anna Harding of Gross Alversum, Eiderstedt.  Hein Okens' father was Ocke Siemens.

Anna Hans' parents were Hans Mewes and Catherina Ulfs (b. abt 1490) of Witzwort.  Hans Mewes' parents were Mewes Hans and Wabe JungesCatherina Ulfs' parents were Ulf Steffens (1451-1551) and Bogge Sieverts (1460-1550).

Anna Ovena Hoyer---biography & poetry (in German)
Anna Owena Hoyers:  Poetess of the Seventeenth Century (Dissertation by Adah Blanche Roe, 1915)
Selected Works in English
Carol by Anna Hoyer "Christe Gotts Eigener Sohn Du Bist" arranged for Organ solo (H.Heldstab)

Caspar Hoyer (Ståthållare)
Parents:  Herman Hoyer and Maria (Marike) Knutzen (Canuta)
Born 28 Jul 1540 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Died 19 Nov 1594 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein
(Buried in the Marienkirche under koret)

Married 1564 Kiel, Germany

Anna Wulff
Parents:  Conradt Wulff and Tale (Taleke) Harge
Born 1543 Kiel
Died 14 Mar 1598 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein

Children:  Conradt Wulff (abt 1564-1606); Maria (Marike) (b. 1565); Anna (abt 1567-1622); Magdalena (b. 1568); Margareta (1570-1662); Herman (1571-1622); Magdalena (abt 1575-aft 1625); Silike (Siele) (b. 1575); Christian (b. abt 1577); Caspar (b. abt 1578); Hieronymous (b. abt 1580); Dorothea (b. abt 1581); Hans Adolf (abt 1582-aft 1650)

Anna Wulff's father was "rådsherre och borgmästare" Conradt Wulff (b. abt 1495-1561 in Kiel).  He married Tale Harge (abt 1510-aft 1565 in Kiel) in about 1540 and in addition to Anna they had a daughter Agathe.    Conradt Wulff's parents were borgmästare Nicolaus (Claus) Wulff  (abt 1445-1518 in Kiel) and wife Tale (b. abt 1470-aft 1550) who married about 1490.  They had children Tale (Talcke), Magdalena, Margaretha and three other daughters in addition to Conradt.  Nicolaus Wulff's first wife was named Sillike or Siele (b. abt 1450; d. bef 1490), they had children Jochim and Claus.  Wife Tale married borgare Bartholomeus Gireig of Kiel after the death of Nicholaus Wulff in 1518.  Nicolaus Wulff's father was "riddare" Hartwich Wulff (b. abt 1400-aft 1455).

Anna Wulff's mother Tale (Taleke) Harge's parents were borgmästare Paul (Pawel) Harge (abt 1470-1531) and Anneke Köler (b. abt 1480) of Kiel.   They were married in Kiel in 1509.  Paul Harge's father was "konsul" Tymm Harge (abt 1420-1469) of Kiel.  Anneke Köler's parents were Wichmann Köler (abt 1430-1497) and Katarina (abt 1460-aft 1500) who married in Kiel about 1480. 

Herman Hoyer (Kungl. krigsöverste)
Parents:  Jakob Hoyer and Margareta Von Schack
Born 1477 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Died 10 Jan 1541 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein
(Buried in the Marienkirche)

Married about 1535 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein

Maria (Marike) Knutzen (Canuta)
Parents:  Hans Knutzen D Y and Geseke Fredericks
Born about 1515 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein
Died 19 Sep 1560 Odense Denmark
(Begravd i St Knuds Kirke)

Children:  Johann (b. abt 1536); Christian (b. abt 1537); Herman (1539-1563); Caspar (1540-1594)

Herman Hoyer first married about 1513 Catherina Fredericks (born abt 1491 Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein; died 1534 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein; buried in Marienkirche), the daughter of King Frederick I of Denmark and "piga" (maid) Catherina (d. abt 1491 Flenheim, Schleswig-Holstein).  Herman Hoyer and Catherina had children Jacob (abt 1514-bef 1576); Jürgen (abt 1516-1535); Caspar (b. abt 1518); Maria (abt 1519-abt 1555); Katarina (1520-abt 1585); Margarethe (abt 1522-bef 1585); Anna (b. 1523).

After Herman Hoyer's death, Maria (Marike) Knutzen married "livmedikus" Cornelius van der Hamsfort (d ä) (b. 1509 Amersfoort, Utrecht, Holland; d. 1580 Odense, Denmark) in 1543.  They had two children, Magdalena (1544-1623) and "läkare och historiker" (doctor and historian) Cornelius Hamsfort d y (1546-1627) and two which died young.

Jakob Hoyer (Landsknektskapten)
Parents:  Hinrich and Tebbeke Hoyer
Born about 1445 Bremervörde, Germany
Died about 1500 Rotenburg, Hannover, Germany

Married about 1470

Margareta (Metta) Von Schack
Father:  Otto Von Schack
Born about 1450
Died about 1563

Children:  Hinrik (b. abt 1471); Hartwig (b. abt 1473); Herman (1477-1541); Christina (b. abt 1479); Margareta (b. abt 1480)

Jakob Hoyer's parents were "krigare" (soldier) Hinrich Hoyer (b. abt 1415 Grevskapet Hoya, Germany) and Tebbeke (Becka) (b. Bremervörde).   They were married in Bremervörde and had a daughter Margareta in addition to Jakob.

Margareta Von Schack's father was Otto Von Schack born about 1503 in Lauenberg, Germany.  Margareta had a brother Hartwig who was a "krigsöverste."

Geseke Fredericks
Parents:  King Frederick I of Denmark and Marike Degener
Born about 1493 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Died about 1535 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein

Married 1513

Hans Knutzen d y (häradsfogde)
Father:  Hans Knutzen d ä
Born about 1472 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein
Died about 1555 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein

ChildrenMaria (Marike) (abt 1515-1660)

Hans Knutzen d y married his first wife, believed named Margarethe (b. abt 1472; d. bef 1513 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein) in about 1493.  They had children Johann (Hans) (abt 1493-1546), Matthias (1495-1559), Abel (b. abt 1497) and Catherina (abt 1499-aft 1553).  After the death of Geseke, Hans married in about 1536 a Magdelene (b. abt 1500; d. bef 1555).  They had children Lorenz (abt 1536-bef 1591), Jacob (abt 1538-aft 1595) and Paul (abt 1539-bef 1584).  Hans Knutzen d y's father was "storgodsägare" Hans Knutzen d ä who was born about 1430 and died before 1502 in Schlesvig-Holstein.  He married a currently unnamed wife about 1465 and had children Nicolaus, Luder, Ivan, and Peter in addition to son Hans Knutzen d y.

King Frederick I of Denmark (1523-1533)
Parents:  King Christian I of Denmark and Dorothea Von Brandenburg
Born 3 Sep 1471
Died 10 Apr 1533 Schloss Gottorp, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Without marriage (utom äktenskap)

Marike Degener

ChildGeseke Fredericks (abt 1493-abt 1535)

King Frederick I of DenmarkAfter fathering a child with "piga" (maid) Catherina in Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein about 1491 named Catherina Fredericks (abt 1491-1534) and Geseke Fredericks with Marike Degener in about 1493 in Husum, Schleswig-Holstein, King Frederick I officially married 14 year old Anna von Brandenburg Hohenzollern (1487-1514) on 10 Apr 1502.  They had children, the future King of Denmark, Christian III (1503-1559) and Dorothea (1504-1547).  In 1518 in Kiel, Frederick I married Sophia of Pomerania (1498-1568) which at the time made her the Queen of Denmark and Norway.  They had children Hans (Johan) (1528-1580), Elisabet (1524-1586), Adolf (of Holstein-Gottorp) (1526-1586), Anna (1527-1535), Dorothea (1528-1575) and Frederick (1532-1576).

King Frederick I's father, King Christian I of Denmark (1426-1481) and wife Dorothea had a daughter Margaret (abt 1457-1486) who married at age 12, King James III of Scotland, and a son John in addition to Frederick I.  Christian I founded the Oldenburg dynasty in Denmark.  At times he was King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden during his reign. In 1479 he founded the University of Copenhagen in the Danish capital.  King Frederick I succeeded his nephew, Christian II, whose strong monarchy the Danish nobility never accepted.  Christian II was crowned also hereditary King of Sweden and was known for the "Stockholm bloodbath" the execution of 82 who opposed the Scandinavian Union and his allies.   A Swedish rebellion led to the crowning of Gustav Vasa in Sweden.  In 1523, Christian II abdicated and King Frederick I became King of Denmark and Norway.   Frederick I's reign was characterized by attempts to satisfy the interests of both nobility and common people while maintaining peace through trade with merchants of Holland and the Hanseatic League.  He promised the Catholic Bishops that he was against heresy, but allowed Lutheran preachers into his realm.  Upon his death, civil war broke out for succession, but his son Christian III, who was a Lutheran, and ally of Swedish King Gustav Vasa prevailed.  His reign (1534-1559) is said to ironically laid the groundwork for absolutism of the Danish monarchy to come.  He was succeeded by Frederick II (reigned 1559-1588). 

With this began the Royal LIne of Stina Lindblad, Hinnersmora and Krutgumma and Olof Mattsson Malmberg, parish clerk of Nora, Västmanland, Örebro län, Sweden and their descendants.

Kristina (Stina) Olsdotter Lindblad was the fourth greatgrandmother of Maria Kristina McKeehan, daughter of the website author.  Stina Lindblad married Henrik Henriksson, they were the parents of Karl Hagström (see the Hagström Family Saga).   The history of the Lindblad family was compiled from data provided by uncle Rolf Carlsson (1925-1996) of Nora who loved to tell the Lindblad story and the research of Britt-Marie Lundell of Nora.  Ms. Lundell is interested in determining all descendants to present of parish clerk Olof Mattson Malmberg and Maria Hoyer (Höijer).

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