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The Dahlberg Saga

Tanner Carl Gustav Dahlberg at WorkCurrent family records begin with Carl Gustav Dahlberg (1857-1924) and his brothers and sisters, Johan (d. abt 1921), Johanna (d. 1928), Anna Sofia (m. A.O. Hedlund, d. abt 1923; children Karl Axel and Anna Hedlund) and Thors Lars Erik (d. 1933) in Sala, Westmanland. Carl Gustav was a skilled tanner and the indicated photo of his shop is in a period cultural display section in the National Museum in Stockholm. Carl Gustav was born a Johansson, his father was shoemaker Thors Johann Andersson (b. 1822), his mother was Anna Görsdotter (b. 1817, Fäggeby, Dalarnas lan). Why and when he adopted the surname Dahlberg is unknown.  Adoption of a surname and diversion from the patronymic system of naming each generation was common among craftsmen and professionals in the period.  His brothers and sisters are all referred to as Johansson or Johansdotter, respectively, in legal records. Legal documents from 1934 that settled the estate of the last survivor of the family, Lars Erik Johansson, revealed most about the family and identified living descendants. On 23 Dec 1917 at Stora Skedvi och Forsbo, unmarried siblings skomakarne (shoemaker) Johann Johansson, Johanna Johansdotter and lagenhetsägaren (apartment complex owner) Lars Erik Johansson made agreements and testaments to turn over assets of each as they died to the survivors within the three and that the last survivor would have discretion to will assets to surviving relatives as they wished. The will was witnessed by Karl August Ericksson and Erik Anselm Samuelsson from Fäggeby. K.A. Ericksson was the overseer of their estates through most of the years prior to final disposition in 1934. On 15 Apr 1918, the Hedemora court verified the will that was attested to by court officer Allan Tigerschiola.  (St. Skedvi, Forsbo and Fäggeby are communities north of Hedemora in Dalarna).

On 11 Apr 1921, Lars Erik's will was modified to indicate that his brother Johann Johansson had died and his assets were passed to his sister and brother according to agreement. The addition was witnessed by Carl Söderstrom. At St. Skedvi och Forsbo on 10 Sep 1921, sister Anna Sofia (Johansdotter) Hedlund and her spouse, A.O. Hedlund, and brother Carl Gustaf Dahlberg verified that they were aware of the situation. On 26 Nov 1928, Lars Erik's will was modified to note the death of sister Johanna Johansson by court officer Ludvig Lerichs at Hedemora. On 26 Feb 1929, the will was verified as authentic at St. Skedvi och Fäggeby by the court. A letter of 30 Mar 1929 to Carl Theodor Dahlberg, Carl Gustaf's oldest son, from court official K.A. Ericksson of Fäggeby and Bispberg says that Lars Erik received 7166.64 kronor from Johanna which is in the bank. The letter noted that it is uncertain how much the estate is or will be, but Lars lives like a pauper. This letter came to Carl Theodor since his father Carl Gustaf had died in 1924.

Sigfrid Dahlberg and FamilyOn 7 Apr 1929, a letter to Carl Theodor from brother Johann Sigfrid Dahlberg (photo left ca. 1929) from Tärnsjö discussed the changes in the family. He tells of hearing from Karl Hedlund that their aunt (Anna Sofia Johansdotter Hedlund) had died 5 or 6 years earlier and that their aunt Johanna died last fall.   In his uncle Lars Erik Johansson's will, Anna Sofia Hedlund was referred to as a sjuksköterskan (nurse) from Enviken (Dalarna north of Hedemora).   Sigfrid is referred to as "Slaktaren Sigfrid Dahlberg, box 36, Tärnsjö, gift med Elsa Dahlberg, fodd Lindstrom."  (Tärnsjö is in Västmanland, north of Sala).  Sigfrid and Elsa had children Sigrid Matilda (1917-1965), Erik (b. 1919), Gustav Sune (1921-1990), Bengt Johann (1922-1981), Karl Sigvard (b. 1926) and Margit (b. 1931).

On 12 May 1933, Lars Erik Johansson wrote an additional testament willing his nephew, flottningsarbetaren (forester involved in moving timber by river) Karl Axel Hedlund from Fäggeby, his apartment at Sjöholms nr. 1 at Anstahyttan. At the same time, he wrote that hemmansagaren (homeowner) Velanders Karl Ericksson and his wife Selma Eriksson from Anstahyttan should receive 500 kronor. This was in addition to the original agreement that assets should be distributed to surviving relatives upon his death. Janne and Margit Gustafsson of Uppbo witnessed this addendum.  A letter to Carl Theodor Dahlberg of 11 Sep 1935 from Janne Gustafsson of Anstahyttan informed him that a hearing for settlement of his uncle Thors Lars Erik Johansson's estate would be Saturday the 16th of Sep at 2 PM. The letter listed assets of an apartment worth about 1500 kronor and about 10,800 kronor in cash assets. He informed him that the assets will be distributed according to the wills. Another letter of 21 Sep 1933 to Carl Theodor Dahlberg from court official Janne Gustafsson from Anstahyttan stated the inventory of Lars Erik's estate at 13549.69 kronor. A 1933 letter to Carl Theodor Dahlberg of 3 Oct from court official Kalle Johansson reported progress in distribution of the estate. It stated that his brother Albert estimated that the Gustav Dahlberg children would each get 3000 kronor but that was before he learned of the Hedlund family's interest in the estate. It noted Albert obviously was in a hurry to get his share.


Elisabet Dahlberg, Karl Johansson & son GunnarA letter of 4 Oct 1933 from Carl Theodor Dahlberg wrote Janne Gustafsson of Anstahyttan giving power of attorney to his sister Elisabet (Lisen/Lisken) and Karl Johansson (photo left). Attached was a letter to Karl Johansson and Lisken giving the power of attorney. He explained he was over 50, had much work to do, was on a diet and could not make the trip to Dalarna. A letter of 18 Jan 1934 from Janne Gustafsson informed Carl Theodor Dahlberg and other relatives that the date of final settlement of the will was to be Thursday, 25 Jan 1934 at 11 AM at the home of Karl Hedlund at Fäggeby. A handwritten letter of 21 Jan 1934 by Carl Theodor served as his official transfer of rights of attorney to svåger (brother-in-law) Karl Johansson of Alvägen 7, Bromsten (Stockholm). A letter of 26 Jan 1934 to Carl Theodor from Karl and Lisken Johansson described their trip to Fäggeby and the settlement of the will. Deceased Anna Sofia Johansdotter and A.O. Hedlund's children, Karl Axel (m. Emma Gustafsson) and Anna Hedlund each received 2666.65 kronor from the estate. Flottningsarbetere Karl Axel Hedlund from Fäggeby, mentioned specifically in Lars Erik Johansson's will, received the apartment at Sjöholms nr. 1 at Anstahyttan valued at 2200 kr. and also 212.75 kr. in addition to the 2666.65 kr. Anna Hedlund received a 2,666.65 kr. share. Carl Gustav Dahlberg's living children each received a share of 888.88 kr. The children of Elin Sophia Dahlberg Lundberg, who died 6 Nov 1919, Tora Sofia Lundberg (b. 10 Sep 1916) and Karl Thure Lundberg (b. 1918), received each a 444.44 kr. share for their parents.




Harald G. DahlbergThe 1934 settlement of Lars Erik Johansson's estate referred to "Harald Gustaf Dahlberg, bosatt i Amerika under adress box 428 R I, East Detroit, Mich. USA, gift med Linnea Dahlberg, fodd Andersson, samtliga förutnämnda myndiga."  According to living relatives in Sweden, Harald Dahlberg had two sons born in America.   Indicated is a photo which was among the papers of brother Carl Theodor.  On the back of the photo was written "Här är ett cort blev taget för två år sedan när jag fick mina Americanska medborgar paper." ("Here is a photo taken two years ago for my American citizenship papers").   East Detroit was in MacCombCo, MI.  Michigan death records indicated that a "Harold G. Dahlberg" died 7 Nov 1945 in OaklandCo, MI.  A "Hannah Dahlberg" died in MacCombCo on 10 Mar 1976, but it is unknown if she were a relation.




Carl Gustav Dahlberg was born 15 Apr 1857 in Sala, Västmanland. He married Katarina Sofia Persdotter (1852-1921) 10 May 1880 in Västerås, Västmanland (south of Sala). Katarina Sofia was born in Östervåla, Västmanland (northeast of Sala) on 10 May 1880. She died 13 Apr 1921 in Sala.  Her obituary of 1921 in the papers of son Carl Theodor reads:

"Att vi mistat vår älskade maka och moder Katarina Sofia Dahlberg, som avled den 15 April i en ålder av 68 år, delgives under djupaste sorg. Hav tack för din kärlek till de dina! Sala den 13 April 1921. C.G. Dahlberg. Barn och barnbarn."  ("Because we miss our loved wife and mother Katarina Sofia Dahlberg who passed away on 15 Apr at the age of 68, we express deepest sorrow.  Thank you for your love.  Sala 13 Apr 1921.  C.G. Dahlberg, children and grandchildren.")

Carl Gustav Dahlberg died 14 Apr 1924.  He was known beyond his tanning skills as an outspoken community activist, a supporter of three term socialist democrat prime minister Hjalmer Branting.  Copies of tributes found in the papers of Carl Theodor Dahlberg were:

"Döda: Att vi mistat vår älskade fader C.G. Dahlberg som avled den 14 April 1924 i en ålder av 67 år, delgives under djupaste sorg. Hav tack för din kärlek till de dina! Tärnsjö den 16 April 1924. Barnen."  ("Dead.   Because we miss our loved father C.G. Dahlberg who passed away on 14 Apr 1924 at the age of 67, express our deepest sorrow.  Thanks for your love.  Tärnsjö 16 Apr 1924.  Children.")

Another clipping says "Till I.O.G.T medlemmar samt de som hedrat vår fader, C.G. Dahlberg, vid hans börtgang vårt hjärtliga tack. Barnen."  ("To the I.O.G.T members and the ones who honored our father, C.G. Dahlberg, at his passing, many thanks.  Children")

Another says "Jordfästning. Stoftet efter en gammal Salabo, gärvare C.G. Dahlberg, vigdes i går till den sista vilan på nya kyrkogården härstades. Jordfästningen forrättades i gravkapellet av kyrkoherde Magneli, som höll en dödsbetraktelse med utgång från orden: 'Om av allt Edert hjarta I mig soken, då mig ock i skolen finna.'  Efter jordfästningen utbars kistan, företrädd av Sala godtemplarloges standar, samt sänktes i graven. Vid denna bringade dir. P. Pehrsson a logen 37 Victorias vägnar den bortgångne ett varmt tack för vad han uträttat inom orden och nedlade samtidigt en krans från nämnda loge.  Den avlidne, som följdes till graven av släktingar och flera vänner, hade i övrigt agnats en ganska riklig blomstergård."  ("Funeral.  The remains of an old Sala resident, tanner C.G. Dahlberg,  was laid yesterday to his final rest at the new cemetery previously mentioned.  The funeral was performed in the cemetery chapel by pastor Magneli who gave a eulogy based on these words 'If you look for me within your heart, there you will find me.'  After the funeral, the coffin was carried out preceded by the Sala Knights Templar banner, which was buried with it.  At the graveside, director P. Pehrsson represented lodge 37 Victorias and gave the deceased warm thanks for his contributions to the organization and laid a wreath on behalf of the lodge.  The deceased was followed to his gravesite by his relatives and friends which had many flowers").

The children of Carl Gustaf and Katarina Sofia Dahlberg were Carl Theodor (1880-1960), Anna Elisabet (b. 1883; m. Karl Johansson), Harald Gustav (1885-1945; m. Linnea Andersson), Johann Sigfrid (1887-1956; m. Elsa Lindstrom), Elin Sophia (1888-1919; m. Lundberg) and Albert Veneer (1890-1950; m. Tora).   Carl Theodor's story follows.  The other children are described above.

Carl Theodor (right) at playCarl Theodor Dahlberg (1880-1960) was born 13 May 1880. He learned blacksmithing as an apprentice. His tanner father probably introduced him to a customer, C.M. Wiberg, who was a sled and carriage maker whose product was dependent on the combination of good leather and metal work. In 1901 he received a good recommendation from Aktiebolaget C.M. Wibergs, Vagn- och Redskapsfabrik (Wagon and Upholstery Co.) in Ransta (between Sala and Västerås) which describes his apprenticeship and work as a blacksmith. He began work there 1 Mar 1896, it states "han undertiden utbildet sig till en god smed." (He developed himself into a good blacksmith).   An obituary of C.M. Wiberg was found in the papers of Carl Theodor. He received another recommendation 14 Jun 1902 from C. Oberg, Västerås, with whom he had worked in 1901.

In 1902, Carl Theodor applied to emigrate to America. Papers dated April 1902 are in his artifacts. The papers state "afflytta till Amerika på grund av tryckande konjungturen och i tillforsigt på bettre utkomst." ("emigrating to America because of the unstable economy and prospect for a better future") Work records (Betyg) in his papers show he worked with Sala Maskinfabriks-Aktiebolag in Sala 17 Jun 1902 to 1 May 1903. (Dahlberg is in the second row, third from the right below)


Probably Soderhamn Werkstad

According to his Inscrivningsbok, he moved from Sala 11 Nov 1903 and arrived in Söderhamn, Gävleborg province, on the east coast of Sweden 20 Nov 1903. From 5 May 1903 to 6 Feb 1904, he worked with Söderhamns Werkstads-och Warfs-Aktiebolag where his work was described as "mycket god." 

Blacksmiths (Photo from Stockholm)

(Dahlberg is in the second row, second from right above)  From 16 Feb 1904 to 12 Apr 1906, he worked with Aktie Bolaget Bofors Gullspang Kanonverkstaden. On 23 Apr 1906 he returned to the job at Söderhamns Werkstads- & Warfs Aktiebolag and left again on 16 Jan 1907. On 22 Jan 1907, he returned to work at Bofors and worked until 28 Jul 1915. According to a recommendation letter, he worked as a racksmide for Larsbo-Norns Aktiebolag in Vikmanshyttan (west of Hedemora) from 1 Aug 1915 to 20 May 1916.

On 24 May 1916 he began working at Nya Aktiebolaget Atlas in Stockholm until 14 Sep 1916. He returned to Bofors in Sep 1916 where he worked until retirement in Sep 1944. 

Sometime before 1912, Carl Theodor married Nanny Lovisa Margaretha Broms (1883-1915) in Karlskoga, Wermland (photo below left). She died of the influenza epidemic and pneumonia that swept across Europe in the period.

Karl Theodor & Nanny BromsTheodor & Maria Palmqvist Dahlberg


On 22 Apr 1916 Theodor married Maria Josefina Larsdotter (surname later Larsson, then Palmqvist) (1883-1959) in Hedemora, Dalarna (photo above right). They had a son Åke Dahlberg who was born 21 Sep 1918 in Karlskoga. On 26 Aug 1944, Åke married Ella Gunvor Carlsson (born 28 Aug 1923 in Gyttorp, Västmanland; middle name mistakenly recorded as Gunborg in church records).  In 1936 Carl Theodor contracted with Byggmastare Linus Carlsson to build a home at nr. 39 Karls Åby, later Robsahmvägen 5 in the Karls Åby district of Karlskoga. The lot cost about 970 kronor.  Theodor & Maria lived at that address until their deaths in 1959/60.  Theodor Dahlberg's meticulous ledgers indicate that the downstairs part of the house was rented out as an apartment to Karin and Nils Jansson for 65-75 kr. per month from 19 Mar 1937 thru 1 Jul 1944.  Karin Jansson (still living in 2007) was the granddaughter of Karl and Mina Hagström and was raised by them.  Theodor subsequently rented the apartment to his son, Åke Dahlberg and wife for 65 kr. per month.

PowerPoint File--Load & Click on each slideSlide photo album of the Dahlberg Family (800 KB).

Carl Theodor & Maria Dahlberg were the greatgrandparents of Maria Kristina McKeehan, daughter of the website author.

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