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Mary Maverick's Alamo WatercolorOver the years, the extended family reunion known as the biennial Andrew Kent Muster has grown to be a combined descendant reunion and celebration and memorial to the life of Gonzales Ranger and Alamo Defender Andrew Kent, if not the sacrifices of the Alamo Relief Force from Gonzales as a whole.  After beginning about 20 years ago in Fredericksburg, the Muster of 2004 and 2006 were held in Gonzales where 172 years ago Andrew and son David Boyd Kent made their fateful decisions of who would go to relief of the doomed Alamo with their Gonzales comrades, where the Kent and allied families Burket and Zumwalt would await the fateful news of the fall of the Alamo and begin their flight east on the Runaway Scrape.  During this period the dedication of a Texas Historical marker on the Kent League south of Hallettsville was accomplished. 

After returning to Fredericksburg in 2008, the muster will return to Gonzales for this year 2010.



David Boyd KentPhoto:   Member of the Alamo garrison and son, David Kent---I regret that I conceded to my father’s wishes....that I did not return to duty at the Alamo and that it was me, not him,  that stayed home to take care of the family on the Lavaca.

It's been 174 years since Andrew Kent, torn between loyalty to family, his colleagues in the garrison, restoration of the Constitution of 1824 and Texas Independence, died along with the Gonzales Ranger Alamo Relief Force in the Alamo. The Gonzales Rangers were effectively the only organized unit which responded to the appeals of Col. William B. Travis by fighting their way into the surrounded Alamo to join their doomed colleagues and die with them.

Each year on the anniversary of the defeat at the Alamo there is a special memorial service in the Alamo Chapel for the descendants of the Alamo Defenders where the names of all, including messengers and those spared, were called with the descendants present rising to honor them. The Andrew Kent family is well represented.

Bosmon KentPhotoTexas Ranger son Bosmon Kent---I was a scout in Col. Jack Hays regiment under Capt. Ben McCulloch when in the Battle of Monterrey Mexican lancers cornered Capt. McCulloch.  Brandishing an empty pistol, I charged the lancers who quickly ran into a gully. I guess the Mexican soldiers thought my lack of firing was because I was taking careful aim at each one individually.

It's time again for the biennial family muster, this year in historic Gonzales, Texas. Swap stories about the family and the early days of Texas. Pictures, displays, treasures, school projects about the family are welcome.   There usually is a lineup of interesting speakers.


All interested in this historic family are welcome.

Mary Ann KentPhoto:   Youngest daughter, Mary Ann Kent, died in 1917 at age 92---The last time I saw father Andrew was when I was 8 years old, the family stood waving goodby to him and Mr. Millsaps and Mr. Summers at the homeplace on the Lavaca River.   Father's last words as he rode to Gonzales were ' This time we may see blood.Safe in town with cousin Zumwalt's family in Gonzales at 3 AM on March 6, we heard the boom of distant cannons, at daybreak there was only silence."

Allied families of Arnold, Beck, Billings, Boyd, Brown, Brunson, Burkett, Byas, Caffall, Darst, Dillard, McDaniel, Newman, Pearson, Riley, Smith, Stockman, Walton, Wiley, Wonsley, Zumwalt, & many more are usually represented, all are welcome.

(Above quotes from children are fictional based on family stories)


PLACE: Lutheran Hall
Gonzales, Texas

TIME: To be announced (TBA)

Meat and drinks to be furnished
Bring side-dish or dessert

FORMAT: Gathering, posters, presentations,
demonstrations, open forum, pictures, etc.

  For more information, contact:
Chester & Doris Wilkes

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