Nepumuceno Navarro
(ca. 1810 - after 1874)

by Randell Tarin

© 1996 Texas State Historical Association

Nepumuceno Navarro was a member of Juan N. Seguín's company of Tejanos who fought with him at San Jacinto.

In 1831, he was a private in the Béjar Presidio. Apparently disatisfied with military life, he deserted his post on two occasions. As a disiplinary measure, he was transferred to the Alamo de Parras Company stationed at Fort Tenoxtítlan, a remote garrison near the Brazos River. When he arrived there he found the conditions no better and in many ways worse than his previous post. This prompted a pattern of regular desertions from that location as well. The frequency of these occurances by the troops at Tenoxtílan and their small ranks usually resulted in Navarro being returned to duty with little more than a reprimand.

After the Alamo de Parras Company return to Béjar in 1832, the political turmoil that ensued prompted Navarro's permanent departure from the Mexican army. On February 15,1836 he enlisted in Juan N. Seguín's company of Tejanos. He served with Sequin at San Jacinto remaining in the army until July 5,1836.

By 1840 he married Maria de Jesús Uron and became the father of at least one child, María Teodora de Los Angles Navarro.

For his participation in the revolution, he received donation and bounty land grants and a pension. He was a member of the Texas Veteran's Association until his death in San Antonio on April 8, 1877.


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