How did Davy Crockett die?

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"The Second Flying Company of Alamo de Parras"

Subject: Davy Crockett
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997
From: Johnny Johnson

Well, as a big Crockett fan, I would like to think that Davy died like the Disney movie portrayed it. However, I am forced to accept the fact that Davy probably was captured at the end of the battle. I do not share Jeff Long's opinion, which he states in his book "Duel of Eagles", that Crockett tried to plead for his life with Santa Ana. I believe that Davy probably knew the end was near and didn't try to prolong his life any further. There are simply too many reports of his capture, to believe that he died swinging his rifle "among a pile of 18 or 20 of the enemy."

Johnny Johnson

Subject: Davy Crockett
Date: Tue, 13 May 97
From: Ryszard Marciniak

I believe Davy Crockett died as shown in the books. That famous picture of him swinging that club and killing ten mexicans.

Ryszard Marciniak

Subject: Davy Crockett's Death
Date: 05/29/97
From: Chuck Chappell

I, too, prefer to think of Davy Crockett swinging ol' betsy till the end but, of course, there's nothing to verify this. However, I'm certainly not going to take the word of a victorious army led by such a -- shall we say "politician" -- as Santa Anna! He would have every incentive to play down the heroism of the garrison as well as undercount his casualties and showed a propensity to do just that in his political "career." I salute those in the Mexican Army as the brave men they were. Men who fought, and died, in a frontal assault of a prepared position -- all so the Generalisimo could put the Alamo behind him. "Eye witness accounts" recorded by those in the Mexican Army must be viewed with suspicion in my humble opinion, if for no other reason, because the political ax the General would have had to grind in that day. It really doesn't matter how Davy Crockett died though. What matters is that he stayed and fought against insurmountable odds for a noble cause in which he believed. He was obviously a selfless man who believed in freedom so much that he willingly laid down his life so that his fellow man might benefit. What happened in the last few minutes of his life pails in comparison to a lifetime of courage, bravery and selflessness. Surely any right thinking person must admire such a man! The state of Tennessee and the state of Texas share a rich heritage in the person of Davy Crockett. Remember the Alamo and God bless the State of Texas!

Chuck Chappell

Subject: How Did David Crockett Die
Date: 06/06/97
From: David Folds

Obviously, Crockett died in a war, whether as Disney or John Wayne portrayed, or as a captive. Crockett died a hero either way. Every man defending that ground was a hero just because they stood against such odds to defend what they believed was right. Sometimes, though, I think people forget that Crockett was a politician...he wasn't an "injun fighter". He actually lived most of his life in peace. I'm sure he had no desire to die and was probably caught in San Antonio by his reputation. But Crockett had never shown any signs of cowardness, and when the fight came to him, he obviously met it head on. If he died fighting, then strike one up for Disney. But if he looked around and had enough horsesense to realize that the few surviving defenders were no match for the army pouring over the walls, who could blame him for surrending and trying to survive to possibly live to fight another day. Either way, Crockett is a great American hero.

David Folds

Subject: Crockett
Date: 06/08/97
From: Eric Jamborsky

Despite "de la Pena", Kilgore, et al, Davy went down fighting. The surrender stories all seem to go back to Cos, whose veracity is doubtful. And the Pena diary (if actual) is very full of errors of identification. Some Texan might have surrendered, but not a Tennessean! (OK, that might be a little inflamatory.)

Eric Jamborsky

Subject: A hero that died a hero
Date: 06/12/1997
From: Patrick O'Connor

The way that Crockett died was after he let his men go in the chapel with a cannon, Davy stayed outside and swung " Old Betsy." After killing 10-20 mexicans Crockett died by getting stabbed and shot at the way my dad told me.

Patrick O'Connor