1836 Facts About
The Alamo
and the Texas War for Independence

by Mary Deborah Petite

Savas Publishing Company
202 First St. S.E., Suite 103A
Mason City, Iowa 50401
ISBN 1-882810-35-X
216 pp. Softbound

1836 Facts About the Alamo and the Texas War for Independence is a little book that falls short of its potential. A Texas history neophyte might find this book useful, unfortunately it is not substantive enough for the serious student or researcher.

1836 Facts has plenty of information on the battles, skirmishes, and personalities of the Revolution and tries hard to inform. Sadly, it also perpetuates many myths and legends and totally ignores important personages likes James C. Neill and his contributions to the Alamo saga and Texas in general.

Among the "facts" stated are that David Crockett was the leader of the Tennessee Mounted volunteers when in reality it was Captain William Harrison. Petite also has Lieutenant James Butler Bonham making two forays out of the Alamo for help instead one. These are important errors that show the author's lack of research.

Several chapters of the book parrot other more comprehensive books such as Alamo Defenders by Bill Groneman and Blood of Noble Men by Alan Huffines, indicating derivation from secondary sources and not from the author's own primary research. The chapters are also not as well done. Ms. Petite's book provides an impressive bibliography, yet her book suffers from lack of footnotes and primary accounts.

1836 Facts About the Alamo and the Texas War for Independence, while not a book for the serious researcher, is a good compendium for the casual reader or beginning history buff not too concerned with corroborative evidence or documentary origins.

John Bryant
April 2000