Academic Building and Rotunda

As the centerpiece for main campus and the home to many colleges, departments and offices for decades, the Academic Building and Plaza is a key component of Aggie life. In 1914, the A&M library was housed on the first floor of the Academic Building until the opening of the Cushing Library in 1930. As far back as 1918, the Academic Building and Plaza have been the site of Silver Taps, with Aggies gathering in the plaza and buglers playing "Silver Taps" from the Academic Building's dome.

One of Texas A&M's most visible class gifts is the giant mosaic-tile rendition of the university seal. Presented to Texas A&M by the Class of 1978, the seal dominates the floor of the rotunda in the Academic Building. Suspended from the rotunda dome is a replica of the Liberty Bell, donated by private industry to the state of Texas and presented by then Gov. Allan Shivers to the university to honor Aggies who made sacrifices in defense of the nation.

Two polaroid-style photos. One of the front of the Academic Building and one looking down on the mosaic of the university seal in the rotunda
While not the geographic center of campus,
the Academic Building is still considered by Aggies to be the center of Texas A&M.